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Lise Olney

for Board of Selectmen
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Lise is committed to helping engage everyone in our community on the big issues that will affect our future, whether it is the town’s Housing Production Plan, school projects, addressing transportation and traffic issues, or determining the disposition of the
North 40.

About Lise


  • Resident of Wellesley for 25 years

  • Serving 5 years on Wellesley Natural Resources Commission

  • Representing Precinct E for 5 years at Town Meeting

  • Serving 8 years on Sustainable Wellesley Leadership Team

  • Working 4 years on governing board of UU Wellesley Hills

  • Recognized as a Wellesley Townsman Ten

  • Married 25 years to Wellesley native Tim Fulham

  • Mom to Mary, Elizabeth, and a 7-pound Yorkie named Clifford

Lise's experience and proven leadership in town government have prepared her for the challenges ahead on the Board of Selectmen:
  • Lise has served for five years on the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission (NRC) and participated in many town projects, including the development of the Unified Plan. She helped form the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Working Group in cooperation with the Sustainable Energy Committee and the Department of Public Works, and she initiated the Grow Green Wellesley campaign for the NRC with the Department of Health.

  • In 2017, Lise launched the local effort to address Wellesley's dozens of gas leaks and she is now co-coordinating a regional initiative to convene cities and towns facing this persistent challenge.

  • In January 2018, Lise was recognized as one of the Wellesley Townsman Ten for her leadership in town government and local organizations.